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Darrell at Windy Weather posted his gaming setup on his blog in 2011 and its well worth a revisit.  Instead of a traditional flat surface the setup uses a lazyboy recliner and an arm to hold the screen in place while the user reclines.  As he states:

The 7Flex arm makes this all possible. It has a 24″ reach, which is just enough to put the monitor directly in front of the recliner with enough room to reach the handle to open the leg rest. It goes together easily and is high quality and sturdy.


The computer base unit is stored in the opposite end of a knee high wooden base unit providing a counterbalance for the arm.  The keyboard and mouse sit on a tray which you place on your lap.  The idea is that you sit on the lazyboy and get to comfortable reclined position and then position the monitor and keyboard to be ergonomically perfect for that position.  The obvious improvement to this would be to get the keyboard and mouse on an arm instead of on a tray, something easier said than done.

It’s a great set-up for anyone who struggles to sit upright at a desk for many hours.

The Battle Chair