It’s the last week before half-term and we are chaotically busy completing reviews, catching up on all correspondence and changing gears for the upcoming half-term. We focus our schedule during the holidays on product testing, trying new things and visiting interesting places away from our desks and are now putting the final touches on many upcoming reviews. Our Archos phone review will be up later this week and I have just unpacked 1byOne’s wireless BIA scales that instantly added 5 pounds to my old scales, so I am definitely having salads for lunch this week.

We spent a blustery afternoon on Sunday following The Whispering Woods folk through the autumn trees at Stourhead. It was an interesting performance that blended¬†acrobatics, live music and interactive storytelling in an hour long wander through the garden. One narrator, one musician and one dancer wasn’t quite enough initially to create a spell binding atmosphere, but once the audience warmed up a bit, which happened around the time the bubbles came out and all the children rushed to the front of the group to give chase, the tension built considerably. When the audience spontaneously started adding sound effects to the story, I remembered that in live performances, the audience is a pivotal ally that can either make or break the magic.

We grabbed a cup of coffee to-go at the Kiosk and it was inspiring to see that the use of compostable disposable cups are still thriving.

Days are noticeably getting shorter now and we drove home with the sun lowering towards the horizon and was lucky enough not to hit much traffic around Stonehenge. It may be time to put a sleep mask in the glove compartment to stave off migraines brought on by glare whilst traveling. I am having regular migraine episodes lately, Chris is getting more headaches and Cass’ blood glucose is suddenly all over the place. It must be time for a bit of a break soon and if not that, then at least the opportunity to change gears and have some different kinds of work days for a while.