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Wearables are the big thing at the moment but I’ve recently ran across a wearable that measures something new and which it seems like should have been available for a long time. The Temp Traq is patch that is worn under the arm and which connects via Bluetooth to iOS or Android  to display displays a readout of temperature right then. The information is logged and recorded and shareable.

The patch lasts for around 24 hours and can be set to notify or trigger alarms at temperature spikes or dips. It is very much aimed at parent with small children but for medical conditions where temperature is a factor or just if you are under the weather it could be very useful.

So what are the drawbacks?  To get the thermometer into such a small package they had make compromises – in short the Temp Traq is a one time use only disposable product. Each costs $24.99 or around £16.00 and is only available in the US. Is it worth it? At that price it is not something that would make sense for day-to-day usage but when your child was sick? Possibly. I know that I would have jumped at it when my daughter was a baby and running a fever. A reusable solution would be better but for emergencies this could have its place.

The Temp Traq is available from their website.