Taskmaster’s Ultra grips are designed to work with the body’s natural physiology and reduces the strain associated with writing and offers support for those with diminished grip. It can be used with either left or right hand, there is an R and L printed on the grip to indicate how to position them correctly for each hand. I prefer the large ultra grips as they offer more support.

taskmaster feature

Pencil grips are traditionally recommended for children who struggle with writing and have not developed a good pencil grip and adults who have diminished grip, usually caused by conditions like arthritis or a stroke. Pencil grips are also useful for those with hypermobility and other musculoskeletal conditions that affect the fingers, hands and wrists.

A pencil grip does make it easier to write and can reduce muscle strain and fatigue in generally healthy individuals who have to do a lot of writing.

Retailer: Amazon
Manufacturer: Taskmaster

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