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Tap2Tag is a technology we’ve covered here in the past which makes a very sensible use of the NFC technology built into most newer Android phones. The tags contain a unique web link that when read by your phone direct you to a page on the Tap2Tag website that you can fill in with your contact information and as much or little medical information as you like. Although the Tag is designed to be read by a phone it’s also possible to copy the serial number into a browser window to get to the same place – and when you’re setting it up I would recommend using a PC with a keyboard!

Once we got it the setup process was simple. Create an account on the site then associate the serial number of the tag with it. The tag is then associated with a profile that contains everything from GP information, contact details, a public profile and as much extra medical information as you want to type in. It’s possible to have multiple profiles and associate multiple tags with combinations which can be useful in families with numerous people with medical problems.

At this point we decided to add a little carabine to the keyring the Tap2Tag came with and we were then free to clip it to our bags, belt or whatever it was we had with us. For a medical alert device to be useful it’s got to be obvious in an emergency and simple and straightforward to use and the Tap2Tag keyfob certainly has this. We got the green model and it’s distinctive in coloring and attracts the eye and if you look more closely the Asclepius symbol is very legible.

Product Information

Retailer: Tap2Tag +:

Price: ± £8
Delivery costs: £4 Standard, £7 signed for

About Tap2Tag Medical

Tap2Tag was formed when NFC started to be more prevalent on smartphones and the potential for medic-alert style tags was starting to be recognised. NFC tags can only hold a small amount of information bu that’s enough to be a pointer to a more detailed set of information. Tap2Tag Medical make a range of wristbands and tags to take advantage of this.

nfc-tap2tag2 Design

The Tag is a very simple product – a keyring fob available in a number of bright colors that can be added to your keys, bag or with the addition of a carabiner belt. It’s aimed a holding medical information but we found it was also perfect for identification. We put it on our five years old’s bag and it’s an extra reassurance that she can be identified easily as well as her medical problems being explained.

  • Target audience: Children and their parents but apart from the color there’s no real reason that adults with serious medical conditions can’t make use of it as well.
  • Target age range: Preschool, Children,
  • Target gender: Unisex/gender neutral with bright colors which attract the eye
  • Indoor and outdoor use, will not withstand inclement weather beyond a certain point.

ergonomics 100



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The initial cost for a single Tag is £12 (including postage). I added this to a cheap carabiner and for £15 had something my daughter could use both to identify herself and to pass on her complicated medical issues without a five years old’s confusion – that’s good value in my book.


Item Weight:
Colour: Black, blue, green and red
Materials: Plastic


The Tap2Tag keyring fob is a very simple physical product – a plastic key fob with a NFC tag inside it. This is backed up by an online service that works well and is accessible whether or not you’ve got a smartphone with NFC or not. If you’ve a child with a complex and possibly invisible medical condition the idea behind Tap2Tag is very appealing and the fob or wristbands are something you should be considering very seriously. Recommended.

The review is based on the a green Tap2Tag Key Fob. Read more about Ergohacks’ eco and access icons used in reviews. This article was first published on 9th September 2016.

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