If you are disabled or have anything that stops you  speaking properly you will be aware how frustrating a problem this can be.  Communicating is often possible with those who know your patterns but it can be very very difficult to talk to those not used to your specific problem.  Israeli startup Talkitt is working on an app that uses these unique patterns to create an app that can translate unintelligibility to clear speech.  They are currently running an Indiegogo fund raising drive to get funds to test, finalize and distribute it.

It is an interesting idea and if it can be made to work clearly the immediate advantages are obvious.  Less obviously if it can be made to work it would also potentailly feed back into the general field of speech recognition and control – if another person could understand you better so could a computer.

Talkitt are asking for $50,000 and have currently reached $6,000 with a month still to run.  Due to Indigogo’s rules they will get whatever funding is raised even if they do not get the fully requested amount.  The service is expected to launch in early 2015 on Android and iOS with PC and wearable versions soon after.

Indiegogo Talkitt

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