Occasionally you run across a game which looks interesting and new.  Sometimes it turns out like the fabulous Tengami and sometimes not so well but it is always worth having a closer look when your attention is tickled.  Tacyon Reef might be such a game.

In the simplest terms Tachyon Reef is a deep sea exploration game.  A portal is discovered under the Arctic  to a previously unexplored part of the sea and you are tapped to command a submarine to explore it.  Start with a basic submarine, explore and discover creatures, artifacts and landscape and upgrade your sub to get deeper and further.

The developer specifically says that “Players will not require sharp gamer reflexes to succeed at Tachyon Reef, but will instead rely on management skills and the knowledge they gain through the game.”  In other words – a game to make you think rather than needing twitch reflexes.

Currently Tachyon Reef is available as an alpha and is on Steam Greenlight.  They hope to launch a full version in the fourth part of 2015 with PC, Mac and Linux clients.



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