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Colicoid War Game is one of the most unique flashpoints in Star Wars: The Old Republic and tailored for players at Level 39-44. It has some tricky puzzle elements that seem straight forward on paper but require communication and co-operation from every party member. You can pick up the bread crumb quest at one of the Fleet droids at level 39 and it will direct you to the secure holoterminal in the dropship launch hangar on Vaiken Spacedock.

Go to the West Elevator of Vaiken Spacedock at the Imperial Fleet and select “Dropship Launch Hangar”. The Colicoid War Game Terminal is the left of the three terminals in the North Wing (next to Cademimu). Click on it to talk to Darth Malgus and after you finish the conversation, the entrance should now be purple and ready to enter.


You are now eligible for the flashpoint and the quest “[Group] Flashpoint: Colicoid War Game” will appear in your log stating the following:

The intelligent insects known as Colicoids have quietly developed new advanced weapons that could provide a decisive edge in the war. However, the terms of the Colicoids’ negotiations are unusual to say the least. The Colicoids only sell to whichever faction proves worthy in a trial by combat. Darth Malgus has charged you with entering the competition, which will take place on the remote Colicoid Creation Nest.

Embark on the starship to the Colicoid Creation Nest when you are prepared.

Game Tips & Useful Information

Crew Skills

Crew Skills can be used to unlock additional content, shortcuts and special companions as long as your skill is at the appropriate level for the instance. Keep your eyes open. Colicoid Wargame has a particularly cool unlock for slicers who can slice a cage just before the final boss encounter to free a combat companion to fight by your side.

Loot Tables

The importance of appropriate gear is going up and now is a good time to start to pay attention to loot tables. Tor-loot has a good list: The Colicoid War Game. It is a level 40-44 instance and gear obtained within requires level 41 to equip. I would recommend waiting until level 41 before venturing in as flashpoints are becoming more challenging.

Exiting flashpoints

On finishing the flashpoint, a button will appear on the top right of your mini-map and on mouse-over will say “Exit Area”. Click on it to leave the instance at the end.

Boss Encounters

The Colicoid War Game is very different from the standard run-of-the-mill dungeons you have seen so far. It’s a puzzle based encounter with three phases and at the end of last phase there is one boss fight.

First Challenge

The first encounter is turret based combat with enemy waves spawning. Positioning is key. The tank should take up the top left turret with the two DPS players flanking him and although there is a forth turret, ignore it; the healer should stand on the box in the middle and heal players. The turrets have a 360 degree range so the three turrets can cover the blind spot left by the healer. The turrets fire automatically when you point them at a target and the encounter starts when you right click to mount the turret.

There are three types of Colicoids: The White Droid Colicoids are ranged droids and should be taken out immediately as do immediate damage. The large melee Colicoids have large health bars and should be your second priority whilst the small swarming melee colicoids are last on the list.

After the first encounter is completed, your party moves on to the second location. There are again four turrets, the tank can choose whichever he likes and the DPS should flank whilst the healer again stands in the middle. Enemies are a bit tougher and another melee colicoid with even more health is added, but the second phase is pretty much the same as the first.

Endurance stims is advisable for this encounter. The tank should place guard on the healer for this encounter. Don’t forget to loot the chest on your way to the next challenge.

Second Challenge

Hazard Droid: The droid spews an AoE fire which does some damage. Kill the droid to minimize damage. He is on a 2-minute spawn timer, just keep killing him every time he respawns.

There are 4 consoles, each protected by droids and at each you need to leave a party member behind to unlock the next. Be aware that the droids have a knockback effect, so keep your back against the wall or the force field at all times during combat.

Strategy One: Kill the droid at the first console. Leave your weakest DPS at console one and progress to console two. Kill the droid and leave your second DPS at console 2. Healer and Tank proceed to console 3. Kill the droid. Leave the healer at console 3 and tank either solo’s the droid at console 4 or kites it back to the healer. Kill the droid and when tank activates console 4, the DPS at console one runs to console 5 and then the tank activates the master switch.

Strategy Two: Healer should take the first, DPS the second and third and tank the last. Make your way down the path and take a left. Kill the droids at the first console. Have the tank run to the second console and pull the droids toward the party waiting at the location of the first console. Repeat the same process for the third and fourth consoles. Don’t forget that leaving the consoles lock out the advanced consoles, so always retreat in appropriate order, that is console 4 disengage first, then console 3, then 2. Once all enemies have been eliminated at consoles 1-4, each party member should active their console and then the healer should disengage console 1 and run for console 5 after which the tank at console 4 should run to the master switch at the end which completes the round and your party can all progress up the elevator for phase two.

Second Phase: On the platform be aware of two droids patrolling. Pull one at a time and eliminate them before starting the puzzle. Be aware that they respawn quickly and will have to be killed more than once. Phase two follows a similar lay-out, each player should end up with a console which unlocks the master switch (next to the third console). The healer at the first console should again run to active the master switch. Proceed up the elevator to loot the chest.

Annihilator 6K-A2

The Arena Boss is an easy tank and spank. The encounter starts with three adds that can be crowd controlled, so do if necessary. Killing the third spawns the boss who will appear at the entrance to the arena, so move back or he might spawn on top of you. He does an AoE spell indicated by red circles on the floor, make sure to step out and avoid these and it’s an easy encounter.


Visual Accessibility * Audio Accessibility * Physical Accessibility * Cognitive Accessibility * Conclusion


Visual Accessibility


There are no flashy scenes generated by the flashpoint, but some flash and bright lightning effects are present in the form of player abilities. Group encounters in MMO’s are often bright due to the volume and variety of player and non-player abilities happening all at once. The increase in complexity with both players and bosses gaining more abilities does unfortunately mean more flashier content in group encounters, however the warm colours throughout the flashpoint makes it much easier on the eye.

Camera Movement

The camera movement is identical to the rest of the game; player controlled by default but can be fixed in the preference settings.

Text size & HUD

The User Interface is the same inside flashpoints as it is outside. Grouping with other players does add a party frame which can be converted to an operations frame in the preferences. I would recommend doing so as the operation frame is moveable and resizeable where the party frame is fixed.

Colour Blindness

I did not notice any colour blind issues. All use of colour is supplemented by text, such as phase indicators that are either orange or purple depending on your eligibility.

Audio accessibility

Subtitles & Closed captioning

Like the rest of the game, subtitles can be enabled through the preferences, but there are no closed captions. The subtitles are on the small side, but with very little dialogue that is of little consequence.

Reliance on auditory cues

There is little reliance on audio cues. For the most part, audio cues are accompanied by visual cues and as long as you can pick up on one of these, you should not have any issues.

Physical Accessibility


Reaction time

There are both combat and non-combat elements requiring at least moderate reaction speed and strategy is vital to success. This means that the standard combat elements are important than ever: interrupting enemy casts before they complete and crowd-controlling NPCs appropriately, running back into position after knock backs and positioning yourself so that knockbacks do not knock you over ledges or cliffs and split DPS is no longer a negligible mistake. All of these skills have time limits and unless you play within the time frame, your party is not going to have a smooth run.  There are more than one scenario where moving in under a second is vital to survival. If you stand in stuff, the damage is severe and the longer it takes you to move, the more damage occurs. A moderate reaction time is required to succeed.

The second encounter in Colicoid Wargames has enemies with a very strong knockback effect whilst players are negotiating quite narrow walkways. On a standard run, it’s not uncommon for each player to get knocked off to their death at least once. The enemies are weaker and you can still complete the encounter even if one or even two members are out of the picture at the time.


A moderate level of precision is required. You have to be able to control your character quite well even during combat when you will be attacking (or healing), moving and positioning yourself correctly at the same time.

Pause and save options

It is an MMO, so there is no pause or save options. Your game saves automatically as you go along and if you want to pause, find a safe spot to stand.  If you wish to leave the flashpoint at any time you can and if you want to restart the flashpoint you can as well. You are playing with three other players and you are expected to finish a flashpoint in a single setting. Allow 1-2 hours, particularly on the first run through and if it drags out for more than an hour and/or you require more frequent breaks, ask for them at the right times. The best stopping points are just after a wipe or just after a boss-fight. Most players will be very understanding if you need a few minutes, but never afk (walk away from your keyboard) without checking that it’s okay and letting people know unless it’s an emergency.


SWTOR, despite its incredible number of buttons, can be played with one hand. The only possible exception is if you are using two USB devices and switching between them. As flashpoints move quickly because other players tend to move quickly, it can become tricky to loot fast enough if you are switching to the mouse to loot and then moving back to the keyboard/keypad for movement and combat.

Cognitive Accessibility


Reading, language and vocabulary

The story of the flashpoint is simple: You have entered a competition to win weapons for your faction. There are three rounds and whoever makes it through all three rounds and defeats the final arena boss wins.

Memory, Focus, Organization & Planning

Strategy is vital. Game mechanics require some multi-tasking with the combination of movement, attacking or healing as well as dealing correctly with attacks such as knock backs and aggro drops. Flashpoints are longer as well. If you are struggling to stay focused, establish regular break times at the start of the flashpoint. It can be tremendously helpful to have a party leader and voice communication if possible to organize the group. These are all tactics vital for end-game playing, so the sooner you begin to employ them, the easier the game will be later on.

Math and computations

There is very little reliance on math. You can keep an eye on statistics through fly text, but there is no need. Gear upgrades have to be compared with your current gear, but the comparisons are small numbers and accompanied by colour coding help; red for a downgrade and green for an upgrade.

Social Interaction

Social interaction is vital. It’s near impossible possible to complete the flashpoint for the first time, with other players who are also completing it for the first time, without adequate communication; either text or voice. There is no scripted action with NPCs, but you won’t be able to make it through without discussing tactics will your team. If you find social situations like these difficult, have a look at the SWTOR Quick Start Guide: Socializing and Grouping.



Colicoid War Game is a flashpoint not to be missed. It’s short, it’s very accessible and most of all, it’s fun and very enjoyable. There is no heroic version at Level 50, so don’t miss out on this one thinking you will be farming it later. The story lines of The Old Republic is getting darker and graver and this interlude of small scale arena-style fighting is a welcome interlude from the seriousness of it all. Compete for a prize, play dirty if you dare and don’t take the puzzle part too seriously. It’s easy combat and although the run back after the knock back to death is a little long, by the time you get there your companions have probably killed the next droid already. Colicoid War Game balances on a thin edge between frustration and pleasure and the weight that tips it either way is how well you work as a team. Communicate well and explain the encounter clearly to newcomers and it’s an hour of fun with the added bonus of extra xp and the possibility of some nice loot at the end.