Super Sleep Timer for Android is a small easy to use app that closes media apps when a set timer finishes. Many music and audio book apps have a built-in timer, but many do not. I often fall asleep listening to an audio book or music and this app allows me to set a timer in minutes so that I don’t wake up hours later with the music still playing or most of the way through my book struggling to find the point where I lost the plot.

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It is also a great app for parents. I use it as a sleep timer for my daughter who listens to classical music at bed time and to put a timer on BBC Media Player to restrict the time she can spend watching streamed content.

The interface is simple and easy to use and there is a light and dark version that switches between a white background with black text or a black background with white text with the second option making it more readable for those with a visual impairment. The timer can be set either by typing in the number of minutes or by gliding a finger around a dial. The app to sleep is selected with taps from a drop-down menu.

One specific media app can be selected with the option to put different timers on different apps, or one global sleep timer set for all media apps.

Google Play Store: Super Simple Sleep Timer

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