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I always like keeping my eyes open for interesting and possibly useful desks and desk hacks and MetroUK found one which may take the prize for the most novel.  On first sight it seems rather silly but the more you look at it the more it makes sense, not just as a bed desk but as a solid surface for the couch or low floor table.

I do not unfortunately speak Japanese so the video’s commentary does not make much sense to me.  The essence is clear however – strap and clip your laptop to the table section and it can be set to any angle, including upside down.  Its legs are made up of three sturdy looking struts and hinges and it seems surprisingly stable and wide.

Japan Trend Shop in the US is offering it for sale and notes a few more pieces of information – it can hold up to 60kg and has a built in USB powered fan.  It is available for $121 US dollars with a $76 shipping fee – that works out to around £130 total cost.  That’s expensive but it looks well made and if you spend a lot of time on your laptop in bed or on a soft chair might well be worth it.  If you are looking for more budget alternatives then there are other options like the £32.95 Lavolta Folding Laptop Table available on Amazon but that will not let you suspend your laptop upside down!