Steam have started their newest round of summer sales over night and we’re all going to be glued to the Steam client and their site over the next couple of weeks searching for the best deals on games we’ve been thinking about.  So if you’ve not done this before or just want a refresher – how does it work?

Over the next two weeks the Steam site and the Steam client will offer a number of deeply discounted games.  These deals are divided into a few sections.

  • First are the Daily Deals.  These refresh every 24 hours at 6pm UK time and there are usually 9 games available.  The discounts range from around 80% to 15% off with most being somewhere in the middle.  The initial selection of games includes Far Cry 3, XCom Enemy Unknown, Don’t Starve, The Witcher 2, Democracy 3, Deadrising 3 (pre-purchase), Divinity Original Sin, Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion and DayZ.
  • Next are flash sales.  These run every 8 hours so chance over at 6pm, 2am and 10am in the UK.  There are usually four games in the section and the discounts tend to be higher.
  • Finally there are discounts throughout the store.  These tend to be of lower percentages and its often a better deal to wait for things to cycle to the front page Deals and Flash sales but if you cannot regularly check those this may be worth a look.

Getting less press but potentially as useful GOG are also running their summer sale.  They are running daily deals of compilations of games that change at 2pm UK time and flash deals that change every hour or two hours.  The discounts are usually of a slightly higher amount percentage than Steam, and the catalog is different to Steams so it is worth a look.  At the time of writing this included a Leisure suite Larry compilation at 80% off, Trine 2 at 90% off and Sir, You are being hunted for 75% off.

If you are interested in something completely different EA has also announced today that it is making a full version of Titanfall on the PC free for 48 hours.  To be clear this is 48 hours from the first time you log in rather than the a specific time or when you start downloading it.  This announcement is obviously timed to take the attention from Steam but if you have been interested in Titanfall its worth a download and play.  Its rolling out worldwide at the moment but as of the time of writing not available in the UK yet.




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