If you are a long term gamer, particularly one who likes smaller and indie titles the summer and winter sales can be an excellent time to pick up new games and expand your library. The sales have run annually for several years and have only gotten bigger and bigger.

For those not familiar with it, the usual pattern is for the seller to release a few games at heavily discounted prices for a relatively short amount of time. The idea is to get us to keep checking the site and seeing prices that are just too good and buying and buying – and it works. If you check the summer sales carefully and know your games it can be an excellent way to pick up quite a few bargains.

gmg 666

At the time of writing the Steam sale has not yet started but all indications and rumors are that it will do so soon. Green Man Gaming, Amazon and GOG have all already started their sales. The stand out so far seems to be GMG’s 666 specials – 6 games every 6 hours for 6 days, although there have been reports of bandwidth issues with their site.

If you are a console gamer there may still be something for you.  Sony and Microsoft have both said they will have sales in the next couple of weeks and as both consoles are getting near the end of their life cycles the discounts may be deeper than usual. Summer is a great time to catch up on titles you haven’t played yet for a fraction of the launch retail price.

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