sugru corners

Sugru can be a great material for small repairs and increasing the ergonomics of many devices but it can also be used as a protective cover. I was recently lucky enough to get a cheap older iPod Touch to be repurposed as a gaming and educational system for our little one, but that left the problem of keeping it unbroken.

Sugru Bumpers
Sugru Bumpers

Rather than putting a traditional case on it, I instead put a small piece of Sugru on each corner. One Sugru mini pack turned out to be plenty for the purpose. Divide the pack into 4 and roll the pieces into balls then sausages and carefully apply to the corners, making sure to avoid the headphone sockets.

Once I had the corners moulded right, I put the iPod carefully away for a day so it could dry and then I had one bouncy iPod!  Sugru is easy to remove in a few minutes with a sharp knife and fingernails. The Sugru website has more detailed step by step instructions on making bumpers for an iPhone, but it can work just as well with an iPod Touch: Precision bumpers, pretty bumpers, bouncy bumpers.

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