Stick computers are an interesting new development in the PC market. They look a little like big USB sticks but rather than being just storage are a fully fledged computer. The idea is you add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, plug into a screen or TV and off you go.

Until now they have all been Windows based but Canonical have just announced a Ubuntu Linux version for $110 available next week. That’s about £80 for a full PC that will fit in your hand! The specs are nothing to write home about but are reasonable with an Intel Atom CPU, 32gb of storage, WiFi and a microSD card slot.

So definitely interesting and cool but is it actually useful? There are some obvious uses like presentations and for having a secure PC on insecure networks like at a cybercafe. There would also be the ability to get a machine setup perfectly for you with you at all times – for example with high contrast and large text.

I’m not convinced overall but at the price it might be worth it just to experiment.

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