Steam for Linux has launched and some Steam games can now be played on Windows PC, Mac or Linux. Steam Play is a fantastic feature that allows you to play on any or all of the platforms without having to buy the appropriate edition when you switch. The Steam “buy-once, play anywhere” feature applies to all games that have the Steam Play Logo.

steamplay popup

Check games for the Steam Play logo. It can be found in the information displayed on mouse-over, as in the image above. It is also prominently displayed within lists and there is an option to search for Steam Play games in the search function (both illustrated below.)

steamplay logo in lists

steamplay search

Steam Support on Steam Play:

What is Steam Play?

Steam Play allows you to purchase your games once and play anywhere. Whether you have puchased yourSteam Play enabled game on a Mac or PC, you will be able to play on the other platform free of charge.

Which games support Steam Play?

Look for the Steam Play icon  when shopping on Steam.

What do I do when I get “Unsupported Platform” when attempting to play a game on my Mac?

A common reason for this error is that the game simply has not yet been released on the platform that you are attempting to play on. Additionally, please ensure there is not both a PC and a Mac listing for the title in the Library list.

For a complete list of available Mac titles on Steam, please click here.

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