Standing desks can be among the best ways to work but what if want to move your workspace? Ikea Hackers recently featured a standing desk that is on wheels and can be moved around.  It is a hack that might not make sense for a lot of people, but if you were using the desk with just a laptop or for non-computing functions such as model making and wanted to be able to access all sides, it is a really good idea.

Standing desk on wheels

Standing desks featuring Expedit units are very popular this table’s builder, Dexter_ace, had less width available than the larger Expedit and wanted more space than the smaller ones. He used two Ullrik table legs ingeniously attached together, with a Linmon surface on the top.  The whole unit was made mobile with 3 inch castors on the base. The builder provides exact step by step instructions and the final product is distinctive, looks to be a good height and has good storage options.

Dexter_ace made the decision to slightly overhang the tabletop to provide the ability to sit on a stool which I am a little concerned about. I would be too worried about leaning on it and having the whole desk tip over. If you were concerned about this it would not be difficult to move the centre of gravity to the centre of the table by using a narrow desktop.

It is not a heavy duty desk, but as a single project desk that could be pulled out as required, it holds a lot of potential.

Source: Ikea Hackers


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