Standing desks can be a great alternative to a traditional sitting desk, particularly if you have low back problems, poor posture when sitting or move away from your desk frequently. It can be difficult to only have a standing desk if you work (and game) for long hours every day and I think this Ikea Billy Hack makes a great secondary standing desk to tuck into a corner of the lounge in between piles of books.

ikea hackers billy standing desk


  • 1x tall Billy Bookcase (80x28x202cm or 40x28x202cm) £20-35
  • 1 Extra Billy shelf insert (76x26cm or 36x26cm) £6-8
  • 2x Folding Brackets from a DIY Hardware store, around £15-25 each

It is a pity that folding brackets are quite expensive, one will set you back about the same amount as the whole bookcase, but if you can find a sturdy, cheaper alternative, it would reduce the cost of this standing desk significantly. I quite like the standard door hinges combined with a chain used in this children’s dual desk Ikea hack.

Source: Ikea Hackers’ “Stand up Billy bureau or mini bar“.