Its not a secret that we’re fans of standing desks and Ikea hacks in general here at Dual Ring and today we’ve come across a build that combines the two and allows for sitting whenever required.  Dick Y from Dallas in Texas has used a combination of several items to have a wall mounted set of shelves with extra supporting legs with an raised shelf on top and wall mounted screens.

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Dick details exactly what he uses in his build and how he puts it together and the basic process is fairly simple and should be achievable by most amateur DIYers.

Numerar Birch Countertop – 2 x 73″€ Countertops – 500.864.16
Vika Byske – 2 x Legs – 846.090.85
Capita Bracket – 4 x brackets – 501.736.54
Micke Drawer Unit – 1 x Black/Brown Drawer – 402.447.51
Galant Cable Management – 1 x 53″ Tray
Henriksdal Bar stool – 1 x 30″€™ Chair – 801.557.38
Henriksdal Bar stool cover – Linneryd Natural – 901.556.91
Dioder LED Multi-Color Lightstrips – 1 x Light strip set – 501.923.65

The refinements in this case are due to getting the height perfectly correct to work with a bar stool.  We can suppose that Dick is of just the right height that the chair and standing put him at the right height to operate the setup but if you were taller or smaller it would be possible to move this setup up or down to a different chair to compensate.

Overall its not a particularly innovative build but it is solid and Dicks careful explanation and measurements of all of the parts he used makes is a good potential leaping off point if you plan something similar.



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