A few weeks after Cass was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes we were out for a long walk when her glucose levels starting rising by one point every five minutes. We hadn’t planned on needing to test, but had her test kit and a tube of Glucotabs in a pocket just in case. Luckily, I also had a saline wipe in my bag that we’d received as a complimentary extra buying some diabetes supplies on-line the week before. It was great to be able to stop and test without worrying if her hands were clean or having to trek back to the car first where we’d left the water bottle. On arriving home, I ordered a box of St John Ambulance’s sterile cleansing wipes. They’re relatively small and easy to pack and we now have one or two in all our bags and in the glove compartment.

The Ergohacks Verdict

Alcohol-based gels or wipes can compromise blood glucose test results. These are saline wipes – alcohol-free – and easy to use in a pinch. I’d actually recommend not packing them in your test kit because they’re just so extremely convenient to use that it’s impossible to be as eco-friendly as I’d like to be as they are single-use, disposable products. Recommended for limited use when clean fingers are essential.

Ergohacks Essential

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St John Ambulance is the U.K.’s leading first aid charity. They provide a charitable first aid service to local communities, training and products to satisfy first aid and related health and safety needs and encourage personal development for people of all ages, through training and volunteering.*


Each wipe is individually packaged. They are on the small side as hand cleaning wipes, but works perfectly for cleaning fingers when water is not available prior to carrying out a blood glucose test. This is not an eco-friendly product – regular daily use would create a large amount of non-recyclable waste and we wouldn’t recommend them as a convenience product. However, they can be an invaluable when access to running water is limited.


Single use wipe
Saturated with a solution containing 0.9% Sodium Chloride.
Alcohol free
Each wipe 08 x 10cm when unfolded.
Capacity: 100 wipes per box

 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on regular use over 10 months. This article was first published on 28 June 2017.