If you listen to a lot of music online you have probably tried out Spotify at some point in the past.  The service offers streaming on a large library of music, but for free listeners had restricted the amount of time per month you could listen, once an initial grace period had passed.  In addition free users were restricted to the PC or Mac only.


Both of these restrictions have now been removed.  Free accounts can now listen for as long as they like on the computer and can listen on mobile devices as well.  There are still some restrictions on free accounts – you still get regular adverts, both audio and visual, and on mobile devices you can only listen to song radio or shuffle within playlists.  The adverts are somewhat annoying but overall the service is now very hard to say no to as a free service, particularly if you are mainly a desktop user.  Personally its made me re-download the client and consider going back to it full time.

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