Smartphone stands and cases are a dime a dozen for most popular phones but occasionally something new comes along.  The smartBandStand crowd funding campaign just launched on IndieGoGo combined case, stand and phone wrist holder which does look new and different.

The design consists of two parts.  A case which is phone specific and a stand or holder which it clicks into.  This means that that a number of cases for different phones can be produced and the stand section will be usable with all.  All modern Apple phones and several of the bigger android devices are supported.  The removable stand looks almost like a four legged spider with bendable legs.  It is shown attaching to the handlebars of a bike, attaching to the forearm or upper arm, attaching to a monitor and being used as a free standing ‘tripod’.

The case is funding on Indiegogo with the very optimistic target of $209,000 and has so far only reached $461 but it has a couple of weeks to run.  As it is an Indiegogo rather than a Kickstarter campaign even if the makers do not achieve their target they will still receive the money, so back with caution if you do decide to.

At the time of writing the cheapest available case and spider stand is for $30 with a $7 worldwide shipping fee.



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