Smart phone apps which monitor your sleep have become fashionable among avid data collectors over the last couple of years, but with a few exceptions they have been fairly passive. They let you know about your sleep cycle and may set dynamic alarms for the best possible points in your cycle not much more than that.

The SleepRate tries to take the technology to its next logical step.  As well as using the standard G sensors to tell when you are moving in your sleep they use a wristband that records your heart rate and the phones environmental sensors such as its microphone to check the environement.

sleeprate components

The data gathered is then analysed and a baseline gathered over 5 nights.  A  plan is then generated to improve the quality of your sleep with everything from relaxation techniques to preventing you going to bed until you are tired enough.

The wristband costs $99.99 and works with an iOS app only, needing a iPhone 4S or later, new iPad (3rd Gen) or 5th gen iPod Touch to function.  It appears to be US only at this point, although if successful 3rd party resellers are sure to follow.

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