Skitch is a one of those programs that you never knew you needed but once you have used you will never want to go back from.

The program is designed to take screenshots and to make it easy to add annotations or make small changes to the image file.  This could range from adding an arrow and a note to point to a specific thing to putting a ring around something or blurring something out.

That sounds simple but it is actually very powerful for visual design communications, everything from editing a photo, marking up a map or website or passing on an idea.

Watch the video – this is one of those times where it just makes more sense!

Skitch was originally developed as a paid app for the Mac by independent company Plasq but was bought by Evernote in 2011.  Evernote rewrote it from the ground up and have released it for free on OSX, Windows, Android and iOS.  Evernote have also added Evernote integration allowing notes to be easily exported to the Evernote cloud.

Skitch is available through the Play Store, App Store, Mac Store or for Windows download here.

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