Sir, You are being hunted is a first person open world survival game set in a unique and atmospheric procedurally generated British countryside. The game is from Big Robot and was initially self funded, but went to a Kickstarter in November 2012. Sir reached its initial goal of £40,000 and over funded to £92,000.

The game has the player dropped in an island environment and having to dodge and attack robots dressed as Victorian gentlemen while trying to collect supplies such as food and weapon. The overarching objective is to collect parts to a crystal which will allow an exit from the island. Sir will initially be single player but a multiplayer version is planned for for the future.


Visual Accessibility * Audio Accessibility * Physical Accessibility * Cognitive Accessibility

Visual Accessibility

Sir, you are being hunted is moderately accessible if you have photophobia, motion sickness,  blurred vision, visual loss or a colour vision deficiency. It has some rapidly flashing images or flicker effects in combat. Sir also has moderate motion sickness triggers, like  use of first person perspective, but with minimal head bobbing. The menu system and UI is well designed with standard size text against a somewhat contrasting background, making it useable for players with a visual impairment. In-game elements can be difficult to discern on default settings, due to the atmospheric (raining and dark) environment. There is no reliance on colour alone.

Audio accessibility

There is no subtitles, but there is no dialogue that I saw either. For those with tinnitus or a mild to moderate hearing impairment, audio is difficult to follow with some atmospheric background noise during gameplay. Audio cues are a near vital part of the game, sometimes accompanied by a delayed visual counterpart. Sir can be played without sound, but it is harder without access to the audio cues.

Physical Accessibility

Sir is somewhat accessible for anyone with a physical impairment. It does need quick reflexes and instant reactions periodically to survive, but there are no quick time events. A moderate level of precision is needed, but a  few support options are available to help.

The controls employed by Sir are simple, standard and easy to use.  It can be played with a keyboard and mouse and could be adapted for most other systems with GlovePIE or a similar system. It can probably be played with one hand, but with difficulty. Sir uses standard FPS keys that are fully remappable. The controls are relatively easy with some multi-button presses. There is no autorun key and players have to hold down “W” to move forwards.

Cognitive Accessibility

Sir, you are being hunted is somewhat accessible for anyone with cognitive issues. The language used is simple and minimal. Writing is not required at any point. A good memory is helpful  for complex combat mechanics and strategies as well as managing inventory and navigation. Sir has only basic mathematical requirements.

The game menu, mechanics, plot and game controls are easy to master. In-game support options are not available. A standard tutorial is available or can be turned off to make it more challenging. Only one difficulty setting is available but there are options such as turning on and off pointers for which way the robots are looking that would make the game simpler or more difficult.  Some navigational skills are needed to get around, but there is a compass and some objective markers.


Sir, you are being hunted is a charming twist on the open world survival genre.  It forces you to think act intelligently in a very well generated and atmospheric world. Whilst having the normal accessibility issues that come with a first person perspective and open world, it is otherwise quite accessible and hopefully will become more so in the full version.

If you were a Kickstarter backer you should receive the beta of the game in the next couple of weeks and if you preorder here you will get access a couple of weeks after that. The time I spent playing was immersive and felt innovative. I would recommend keeping a close eye on Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

Product: Sir, you are being hunted | Developer: Big RobotPlatform: PC, Mac, Linux (PC confirmed on launch) | Genre: FPS survival open world | Players: Single player |  Release Date: Not available yet | Content Rating:  not rated

The game preview is based on a early alpha played on a PC on the Rezzed show floor.

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