The Sinister gamepad has two features going for it, haptic feedback and interchangeable buttons that connect to the base with magnets. A company called Tavitas showcased a 3D-printed prototype of the gamepad at CES 2014. It will plug and play with Windows and Linux devices and an extra app will be downloadable to add more options.

I am not that excited about the interchangeable buttons unless it is totally customizable. I can definitely see the potential of being able to put the analog stick anywhere I want, at the moment it’s under the thumb similar to Razer’s Nostromo or configure it for either left-handed or one-handed use.

The haptic feedback uses ViviTouch, a new force feedback technology “acting like a speaker that produces feel rather than sound.” It is still in the early stages of development, but looks like a gamepad that could add some new and previously unexplored features to gaming with a proposed pricetag of around $100, about £60.

Source: The Verge