Looks can be deceiving. The Sennheiser RS 195 is bold, bulky yet incredibly comfortable and the sound quality is exquisite. It is made for use with a TV/HIFI, but my favourite uses are plugging it into my laptop, playing games on my PS4 and listening to music at home. Music really shines. I have forgotten what it is like listening to a peace of music, whether background music in a favourite game, a piano or orchestra piece where every modulation is audible.


Listening to music

We neglect music in our every day lives. We listen to it with budget speakers and earphones and over time, we get used to it. Switching to the RS195 the last month, I made two significant discoveries. One: to truly enjoy music and the cinematic audio atmosphere of games, films and TV series, the ability to clearly hear all of the sound is crucial. Two: It is possible to hear all the sounds despite tinnitus and Auditory Processing Disorder with a decent headphone. The RS 195 has selected hearing boosts that enhance sound and the ability to customize the sound to fit my hearing made a big difference.

Ergonomic Fit

The over ear design is ergonomic and comfortable. The headphones are adjustable and the ear cans fit nicely around the ear. I usually experience discomfort from over ear design as it adds extra pressure over my head and around my ears, but not this time. I used the headphones for 2 – 3 hours (with short breaks) and it remained comfortable to use. The interior part of the ear cans are very soft and well padded and combined with a perfect fit, it worked very well for me.

Listening to speech

There are 7 pre-sets to adjust sound as well as a “speech” mode and in conjunction I found speech in podcasts, dialogue and audio books clear and easy to understand. The over-ear design also cut down on external noise, distractions and interruptions whilst I was working. It is not a portable set, but the range is about 80 metres and for me that meant I could use it around the house and garden without carrying anything but the headphones. I do wish there was a play/pause button the headphones itself.

Product Information

About Sennheiser

Sennheiser is well-known for making quality audio equipment. Founded in Germany in 1945, the company now employs more than 2,100 people in over 90 countries. Sennheiser UK, founded in 1990 and now based in Marlow in Buckinghamshire,”support charitable projects, and sponsor cultural institutions like the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and the British Music Experience (BME) in London. We also enjoy partnerships with institutes of higher education throughout the United Kingdom, and regularly offer Q&A sessions for students with professionals from the music industry. ” Read more…


RRP £349.99
Retailer: £299.96 on Amazon (Prime eligible)


Yes and No. Yes if you use a headset a lot within an 80m range and get a high level of enjoyment from excellent sound quality – even more so if you have some hearing loss or tinnitus. There is definitely a level of audio quality attached to the price tag, you do pay what you get for.

Included in the box

HDR 195 headphones
TR 195 transmitter
Optical cable
Audio cable (analog 3.5mm)
Power supply with 4 adapters (EU, UK, US & AU)
2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
Quick guide & Instruction manuals (CD + printed)

sennheiser rs195 boxed


Impedance: 32 Ω
Frequency response: 18 Hz – 21000 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL): 110 dB
THD, total harmonic distortion: < 0,5 %
Ear coupling circumaural
Transducer principle dynamic, closed
Weight approx. 228 g (without batteries)
Charging time ca, 16 h
Operating time ~ 24 h
Power supply 2 AAA size NiMH rechargeable batteries, 1.2 V, 600 mAh

Dimensions: 12,5 x 11,2 x 23 cm
Weight approx. 228 g (without batteries)
Audio input 3.5 mm stereo jack
Power consumption < 0.5 W
Audio output RCA
Signal-to-noise ratio 85 dBA (0,5 Vrms, 1 kHz)
Power supply 5 V DC , 500 mA

System requirements
Range approx. 80m
Modulation MSK Digital
Carrier frequencies 2,4 -2,48 GHz

Power supply
Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C / 32 °F to 104 °F
Rated Input 100-240 V, 0.2 A, 50/60 Hz
Rated Output 5 V DC, 500 mA

2 years

Target audience

Adults and older adults who enjoy excellent audio quality on headphones for TV/dedicated sound system.

Reuse and repurpose potential

As headphones with a 3.5mm jack they can be plugged into anything with a standard audio socket. This includes gaming systems, PCs, smartphones, tablet, MP3 players and radios.



TV, Hi-Fi, laptop or other device with a 3.5mm jack or an optical connector to plug it into. The receiver plugs into the mains and device giving headphones an 80m range for use.

sennheiser rs195 front and side view



It is accessible to anyone with a visual impairment, including the blind and those who experience visual symptoms, like photophobia (light sensitivity) or colour blindness.

It is plug-and-play, the buttons are tactile and although they are not audible, I found that it didn’t matter to me which setting I was on, I just turned the dials until the sound was clearest for me. There is a single red/green light on the base unit that lights up when the headset is on it to indicate whether it is charged or charging and there is a single small power on LED on the headphones themselves – perfect.


It is particularly accessible to anyone with a mild to moderate hearing impairment, including those who experience auditory symptoms, like tinnitus or hyperacusis (sound sensitivity) with detailed sound settings that can be adjusted to optimized sound for each individual. Sennheiser worked with the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology to create headphones specifically designed to improve sound quality for anyone with mild hearing loss.

The sound balance can be adjusted between left and right, making these highly suitable to anyone with symptoms that affect one ear.

Input and touch

It is accessible to anyone with a moderate to severe upper body impairment and those who experience symptoms that affect their hands, wrists and shoulders, like a tremor, reduced dexterity and precision or fatigue. Some physical ability is required to fit the headset and set it up.


Buttons both on the base unit and the headset require little precision or pressure to use. The dials are easy to turn, the buttons large and well-spaced and easy to find and access.

sennheiser rs195 buttons

Movement and mobility

It is accessible to anyone with a mobility impairment, including wheelchair users and those who experience physical symptoms, like severe fatigue or chronic pain. Mobility does not affect the use of the headphones and it is accessible to use with a wheelchair, crutches or other mobility aids.

Motion sickness and balance disorders

It is accessible to anyone who experience motion sickness or dizzy spells as neither affect the use of the headphones.


It is accessible to anyone with a moderate to severe cognitive impairment, including those with a learning disability like dyslexia or anyone who experience cognitive symptoms, like problems with memory, concentration, planning and organization. Set-up is straightforward, plug-and-play and the main functions are operated with 4 buttons on the headphones.

Social Interaction


Trigger warnings and age ratings

None. The headphones are made for adults and will not fit younger children ergonomically.


The Sennheiser RS195 is one of the best headphones I have had the pleasure of using. The sound quality is excellent, the fit is superb and I thoroughly enjoy listening to music and speech with them through my phone, laptop or TV. The 80m range makes it possible to use them around the house, even whilst doing some stationary recumbent cycling, but the lack of play/pause buttons on the headphones itself restrict their use to less than this capacity. I found them highly accessible, ridiculously comfortable to wear and most importantly, the sound really is amazing.

Highly recommended to anyone who values sound quality, particularly those with mild hearing loss, tinnitus or hyperacusis, on the look out for headphones to wear around the house.

The review is based on the Sennheiser RS195 headphones kindly provided by Sennheiser.