The Ergohacks Verdict

The world of impeccably made chairs resides in a realm of its own. I am usually overwhelmed with information about all the little levers and knobs and instantly forget how to adjust the back, armrests, incline or height of the chair. A well-made chair is both an intricate piece of machinery as well as a work of art. Neither of these fall within my area of expertise.

I was introduced to SoFi not through a laundry list of features but invited to take a closer look. See the smile? It took me a second and then I did. Can you see the smile?

Some things in life just look friendly and the SoFi is one of these. The smile certainly helps but the tilting and narrowing back and the angle of the arms seems to add to it. I’m not sure if this feeling is just me but it made a great first impression. I only discovered the difference a great office chair brings to a workspace after I’d acquired one. The little niggles and gradually building discomfort and fatigue that I always viewed as an inevitable by product of hours spent at a desk, disappeared as soon as I had a desk and chair that suited my work style. I’ll never underestimate the value of an ergonomic custom fitting chair again.

I can easily recommend the Sofi. It’s a durable, ecological, ergonomic, sensible choice for the office or a conference room. It is also an excellent choice for a home office whether that space is a corner of the living room, dining room, a spare bedroom or garden shed. But a simple recommendation doesn’t really do justice to the feeling of the SoFi. I started this review with the SoFi’s smile and that’s how I’m going to end it. I’ve never had a positive emotional reaction to a chair before like I have had to SoFi. If you spend a lot of time in a chair, the SoFi should be at the top of your list of possibilities. It’ll smile with you.


Buy it from HÅG retail through multiple dealers including Posturite, Wellworking and Osmond Ergonomics.

RRP from £612 -666 (incl VAT) for the Medium Back Task Chair. This runs up to around £1100 for every possible option and added extras.


The SoFi is highly adjustable and provides a unique, individual fit. Once personalized it is designed to offer ‘BalancedMovementMechanism”. This basically boils down to keeping you balanced and subconsciously gently tilting backwards and forwards as you move. I’ve found it far more of a lean back experience than I expected and it’s a novel, but comfortable sensation. The Sofi comes in three styles – medium back, high back and mesh. Castors are available for either carpet or hard flooring.

Back height: 71.5cm
Back width: 44cm
Lumbar height: 17 – 23cm
Seat Depth: 38 – 49.2cm
Seat Height: 40.5 – 55cm
Seat Width: 45.8cm
Seat Inclination +14 degrees to – 16. 5 degrees
Height of armrest above seat: 19.3 – 30cm
Distance between armrests: 33 – 51cm
Length of armrests 23cm
Width of armrests: 10.4cm maximum
Diameter of base: 5 star
Castors: 65mm Carpet (soft) flooring is standard, options for hard floors also available
Optional extras: Adjustable lumbar support, adjustable headrest, higher backrest, standard arms, swing back arms,
Weight: 22.5kg with medium back and no accessories
Gas Spring: 150mm
Available in a range of fabrics, including recycled polyester, polyamide, 90% wool-blend, a polyester with a granulated surface resembling leather.


The SoFi has a ten-year guarantee against all production defects for an average use time of 9 hours per day, 365 days a year. Multiply that out and that’s 32,850 of sitting time guaranteed against defect. If you need to use it more than 9 hours a day the warranty covers 5 years of 24 hour a day usage or 43,800 hours. The gas lift also has a separate lifetime guarantee which is not dependent on usage.

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“Flokk is the leading manufacturer of high-quality workplace furniture in Europe, developing a growing family of brands. We are the proud owner of product brands HÅG, RH, BMA, Offecct, Giroflex, Malmstolen and RBM. About 650 employees all work together to realize the vision of our company: Inspire great work!”*

Flokk has an excellent reputation and set of policies when it comes to environmental impact and the SoFi is no exception. The SoFi is designed from mainly recycled components to have a 5-year hard use lifespan or 10-year normal use and once it has reached the end of its lifespan a majority of the components are recyclable again. No glues are used at any point in construction and each chair has a C02 footprint of around 63kg which is remarkably low.

We based our Ergohacks Verdict on 2 years of tinkering, testing and using the HÅG SoFi 7220 kindly provided by Flokk. This article was first published on 8 May 2015 and last updated on 2 September 2017.