Samsung has made an announcement at CES that it is to launch a smart home service across its devices.  They have been moving in this direction for a while and as a company that makes a huge variety of electronic goods it seems a logical step.

Samsung CES

The service is to start to roll out during the first half of 2014 and will initially be comprised of three sections:

  1.  Device control – switching things on and off via your phone or computer from either in the home or elsewhere.  The examples of lights and ac were given.
  2. Security – bringing together in an app all the cameras built into products such as PC’s and TVs and letting them be streamed to your smartphone
  3. Maintenance – if an appliance needs to have a part cleaned or replaced it will notify you again via your smartphone.  The example given was a washing machine filter.

The service is to launch on Samsung only devices, although they do say that they would also launch an api at some point so other manufacturers can use the system.  This lack of agreement with other manufacturers is probably the reason why it does not stand a good chance of succeeding – very few of us are loyal to only one company.  Until an agreed upon standard is available the smart home will be a very niche product – worth considering if you are starting setting up a home from nothing but not practical later.

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