After this afternoons HTC announcement Mobile World Congress has moved on to Samsung.  Samsung was expected to announce a new Galaxy S6 but there had been speculation that there might be two separate models – one with screens on the side in metal and a more economy plastic version. In the end Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge – two very similar metal framed phones  with the Edge variant having both edges of the screen curving outwards.

So what is new in the S6?  Wireless charging built in as standard.  A payment system called Samsung Pay that lets you use the phone as if it was a swipe card on almost any payment terminal.  A cut down version of the Samsung software that looks cleaner and simpler and at least parts of which will be removable by the user.


Internally the S6 has a unique processor made by Samsung which is 64 bit and runs on 14 nanometres and DDR4 RAM.  The screen is superAMOLED with a 577ppi quad HD display and a new version of the GearVR headset will work with the S6 and Edge. The battery charging system has been improved with the quote of 10 minutes battery time giving 4 hours of usage and the total charging time is quoted as less than half the iPhones.  Wireless charging is built in compatible with both WPC and PMA standards – but not Qi.

THe S6 will be available in 32Gb, 64GB and 128GB versions from April the 10th worldwide.

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