Mobile World Congress has become the place to watch for new handsets and mobile devices and this year has been no exception.  Nokia announced the Nokia X Android phones  last night and today Samsung  has announced  several devices including the anticipated Samsung Galaxy s5.


Samsung has been the ruling king of Android phones for the last few years and dominates the market with its Galaxy S line.  They are also well known for their big events and today was no different.

Last week they had announced their replacement smart watches – the Gear and the Neo Gear and these were featured as expected.  The Gears are a change from their predecessors in that they run Tizen rather than Android but are not otherwise much different – a little better but not a huge change.  In show today they also announced a fitness tracker called the Gear Fit which is a cut down curved thinner fitness tracker.  The Fit is a curved touchscreen device that handles notifications, has 4 gig of onboard memory and is surprisingly attractive.


As expected the new Samsung Galaxy s5 was also launched.  Its specs were not unexpected:

  • There are multiple colours – gold, white, blue and black.
  • It has LTE connectivity as well as 3g with  802.11ac MIMO wi-fi
  • It is water and dust resistant to level IP67 which means 1m of water for 30 minutes should not damage the phone.
  • The camera is boosted with ‘advanced HDR’ and a fast  0.3 second autofocus.
  • It has health tracking with an integrated heart monitor.
  • The screen is a 5.1″ super Amoled screen with an option to go extremely dim for use at night-time.
  • Samsung’s TouchWiz UI has been updated to be ‘easier’ and cleaner.
  • The battery is a 2800mAh battery – slightly larger than the S4’s 2600mAh.
  • A swipe fingerprint scanner is added to the home button – similar to Apples iPhone to increase security.
  • An integrated kids mode that locks the phone down to preset applications and games.

They also announced new can headphones, wireless chargers and upgrades to Samsung’s Knox enterprise security system.The devices will all be released April 11 in 150 countries worldwide with local pricing to be released soon.

s5 waterproof

Out of all of the devices announced the most interesting is the Gear Fit which looks like the smallest touchscreen wearable available that is practical to use.  Without knowing its price it is difficult to get excited about it it but if the price is right and it has sufficient battery life it could be a winner.  The S5 looks to be reasonable upgrade on the S4 but has no really original or standout features – a good phone but not a market changer.

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