Samsung has been carefully leaking today’s announcement over the past few weeks and we went into today’s announcement expecting to get a Galaxy Gear smart watch and a new version of the popular phablet Galaxy Note.

Galaxy Gear


The event started with a very quick talk from the Samsung CEO where he previewed the Note 3, the Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

Galaxy Note 3

Samsung started with review of the Galaxy Note’s history.  When it was launched it was not loved by the critics for its sheer size but became an alternative hit and sold surprisingly well.  The Note II was an update in specs and slightly slimmer but not measurably different otherwise, still supporting the large screen and the SPen.

The Note 3 is slimmer and lighter and rather than having a smooth surface is ‘warm and leathery’.  The screen is a little larger at 5.7 inch super AMOLED screen at 1080p.  It has 3GB of ram and a 13 megapixel camera also allowing 4K video recording.  It has the options of 32 or 64 GB of storage and runs on a massive 3200mAh battery.   It comes in black, white or pink bezels and 9 different removable back colors.  The Note 3 is to run Android 4.3 from launch.

The SPen has been adapted slightly to make it more versatile with gestures and ‘glyphs’ added.  Draw a dot to launch Air Commands, draw a circle to cut a section of the screen for saving, a box to set up a separate multitasking/multi-windowing window allowing you to run two app on the screen at the same time.

As usual for a Samsung device they’ve added a number of ‘unique’ software apps.  They include ‘Air Command’, ‘Action Memo’, ‘Samsung Knox’.  They have also happily included 12 months of Evernote Premium with the phone and content from 11 other partners to include Dropbox and Bitcasa.

Galaxy Gear

The Gear was heavily leaked before the event and as  expected is a large and surprisingly good looking smart watch.  It is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can receive calls and  SMS updates.  It has a built in 1.9MP camera in the watch strap and will have voice control using Samsung’s propriety SVoice.  The watch face is 1.63 Inches with a 320×320 resolution and  has a  protective steel rim and is unsurprisingly a touch screen.  The strap is part of the watch and non-removable and the speakers, camera and mic are built into it.  It has a accelorometer and a gyro.

Battery life is said to be 25 hours  with a 330mh battery.   The watch runs its own apps and has its own specific app store.  It appears to run a cut down version of Android, although this was not confirmed.

There will be 6 colors available at launch and will initially be only for the Note 3 and will be available for more Galaxies in the future as they upgrade to the newer versions of Android.  It will be available September 25th and will cost $299.

Galaxy Note 10.1

Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet has been updated to a ‘2014’ Edition with higher spec.  It looks remarkably similar to the Note 3 with the stitched ‘leather’ look.  Its screen is a 10.1″ 2560×1600 WQXGA with a huge 8200ma/hour battery.  Spec wise it has a s 2.3ghz quad core in the 3g version and a  1.9ghz  octocore cpu in the LTE version.  The Note 10.1 has 3gb ram a 8 megapixel rear facing and a 2 megapixel front facing camera running Android 4.3 .  There will be a wifi version, 3g version and an LTE version but we have received no information on pricing.

All of these devices launch September 25th in 149 countries not including the US and Japan.  The rest of the world will get it them in October to include the US and Japan.

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