Sometimes it pays to buy the most expensive of a thing but often if you have a little imagination and luck in finding your materials its possible to get a good result for near free.  John Knox’s standing desk is made almost entirely out of salvaged wood he’s found in his local neighbourhood with one section from his basement.

Ikea Salvage desk


John says:

Part Ikea-hack. Part cradle-to-cradle design project. This Rumsfeld-modern standing desk features an alley found desktop cut to size and mounted on two long stored in the basement Ikea sawhorses. Two adjustable wing shelves are salvaged lumber from a spouse rejected over sized trundle project. Note the attached “pen …on a chain”, arguably the greatest office efficiency device invented since the pencil sharpener.

Its not the prettiest build we’ve ever seen and John was very lucky in his salvaged wood, but it is a good reminder of what you can do with a very low budget.


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