If you are a regular runner the chances are the last few years have been a revolution. We’ve gone from snazzy running trainers and clothes to apps and wearable that measure and map every part of your run. The likelihood is that you’ve already picked a system that works for you but if you are looking to start running or come back to it after a few years absence the range available can be bewildering.

You want an app that can track your pace and your route, give you audio feedback, communicate with wearables like the Fitbit or Android wear, control your music and let you set goals. Runkeeper does all of those things and more and it does it on both Android and on iOS.  The free version of the app lets you log and understand your stats and the paid version gives you access to workouts and training plans.


If you are serious about running or getting fit you should be recording what you are doing to challenge yourself and Runkeeper seems the ideal way to go.


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