Keyboards are not an area which you would expect a lot of innovation in – a new look and better components but rarely a new idea. Peripheral manufacturer ROCCAT has however managed to come up with something new and interesting, the Rycos Phobo.  They have taken one of their Cherry MX switch mechanical keyboards keyboards and added bluetooth.  The switchable bluetooth can then be paired with a mobile phone or tablet and you have a great keyboard for your mobile device . Ryos Phobo plus ipuri_white-bg_persp-left

The keyboard comes with a stand for your tablet or smartphone letting you control your PC or phone through the same system.  From an accessibility viewpoint this opens up the use of very high quality mechanical keyboards on a touch device.

They have also announced a very customisable mouse – the Nyth Gaming mouse.  When you buy a mouse you can choose one with a few buttons or a lot of buttons.  The Nyth has detachable side panels that let this change.

Roccat say that the side panels will be 3d printable and promise a wide variety of side panels available to allow custom button placement. This sounds very interesting ergonomically and opens up the possibility of 3d printed  modules specifically shaped to your hand.

The Ryos Photo keyboard will be available sometime in Q3 of 2015 and the Nyth gaming mouse in Q2.  Prices and specific dates are yet to be announced.

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