Ever been pickpocketed or had something stolen out of your bag? It’s something that happens to a lot of people and the inspiration for the Riut series of bags. Most bags have the zips or latches down the outside for easy access and organisation but this ease of access also means that it’s possible for someone standing behind you to open and take things without you noticing.

RiutBag aim to try and fix the problem by simply not having any zips or openings where they can be reached but instead having them against your back where they can’t be reached if you’re wearing the bag. Riut started on Kickstarter with a 15 litre laptop bag and have since released a more compact 10 litre laptop bag and a 10 litre daypack the Riutbag Go. We’ve had the Go on our back for a couple of weeks.

Unlike its’ larger brothers the Go is designed less for the daily commute then for going on holiday and festivals. It’s smaller, lighter, simpler and cheaper but keeps the central idea of Riut bags – keeping the contents safe and secure.

riutbag-goProduct Information

Retailer: Riutbag +

Price: ± £29

About Riut

Riut stands for Revolution In User Thinking and was coined by Sarah Giblin the designer of the bags and the entrepreneur who turned her commute’s musings into a real product. It’s since gone through six iterations and the line has grown to four separate models, of which the Go is the most recent.


The Go’s are available in bright green or blue colors and it’s this that strikes you on first sight rather than the lack of zips. The bags have a fairly classical rectangular box shape and don’t look that unusual until you get very close. It’s not shy about advertising itself with a big logo covering half the back, a logo and a tag inside and another tag on the side. It’s made from a combination of nylon and polyester and double skinned with a thicker but rougher outside layer.  The Go’s shell is 600 dernier which isn’t completely waterproof but I’ve had it out in strong rain with only a little seepage around the zips.

Internally the Go is made up of one large and unsectioned compartment with a single sleeve on the door. The sleeve isn’t padded all around but is padded against your back.It measures 30 by 22cm with a diagonal of about 14 inches which fits a tablet or a smaller laptop but won’t take larger systems. The main compartment measures about 13 x 25 x 30cm. Above the main compartment is a small extra compartment which I found fit my sunglasses case but nothing else. This compartment is very near the top of the back of the bag and being just under the straps I found it difficult to access even when off my bag. There’s a grab handle on the top and the zip pulls all have cloth tags to let you get a better grip.

The bag is longer than I’d expected from the pictures but quite comfortable to wear. The back is well padded as are the straps and it’s a comfortable wear.


At £29 the Riutbag Go falls into the slightly more expensive side of small day bags but is still well within the pack from a cost perspective.


Product dimensions (external): 32 x 43 x 11 cm
Capacity: 10 litres
Item Weight: 700g
Colour: Green with blue trimming or Blue with orange trimming
Release date: May 2016
Made in China
Materials: 600D Polyester shell with Nylon inner skin
Machine washable on cool cycle.


The Riutbag Go takes an interesting concept – no accessible openings and applies it to smaller bag aimed specifically at the festival and holiday market. The bag is well made and comfortable to wear but many people will find that the lack of any internal organisation can be a problem. I have a habit of carrying a lot of little things around with me and quickly found that I needed an organiser like a Grid-it to keep things from getting hopelessly mixed. The size of the bag did turn out to be perfect for a day out – a bottle of water, filled Grid-it, hoodie and a diabetes kit fit in perfectly.

In short, if you’re going to an event with a lot of people like a festival the Go would be a very sensible choice for carrying your valuables. With a little more internal organisation it would be perfect but as is it’s still Recommended.

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The review is based on a green fourth run Riutbag Go. This article was first published on 29th October 2016.