The Ergohacks Verdict

The RH Logic is my favourite chair in the world. I’ve tried a few active seating chairs and stools, but none has worked as well as the Logic. RH chairs are known for providing one of the best free-floating rocking mechanism and I can see why their chairs are so popular. The Logic 400/300 series is an award winning range that provides comfort, style and ergonomic support in one package. It has a three noteworthy features:

The rocking mechanism: RH build chairs around their signature two point principle: “Each chair has two unique points placed near the pivotal points on the body – the hips and knees. The chair follows your natural movements and your feet always remain on the floor 1 .” The torque is adjustable with a dial on the left and can be locked/unlocked with a dial on the right. A chair that moves is something that took me all of ten seconds to get used to. It is marvelous. I am less tired, more alert, more comfortable and enjoy sitting in my chair. As someone who ordinarily loathes sitting up due to chronic pain and severe fatigue, this is quite an endorsement.

Full spinal support: The RH Logic has an optional neck rest that provides full-time neck support – excellent for anyone with cervical issues. It also has an inflatable lumbar support that lets you adjust the back of the chair to mould against your lower back. The often neglected middle back is supported with a Tvedt cushion between the shoulder blades which encourages an open posture. I also noticed that it affected my breathing and encouraged a natural posture that opens up the airways. I have asthma and this chair really makes it easier to cultivate healthy breathing habits.

A recline option: An ingenous invention, the RH Logic forces me into an ergonomic posture with its rocking mechanism, but it also goes one step further by adding an additional recline option. Whilst typing it allows me to balance in a supportive yet upright position. As I shift to cursor-based or reading heavy tasks, I can recline the backrest with a single level press and this allows the chair to move into a semi-reclined position, where gravity is no longer a force I have to combat and if I need to put my legs up, rolling closer to the desk and using a footrest becomes a comfortable and quick variation.

The RH Logic is an unconventional masterpiece. It requires some expertise in ergonomics to customize it for individual use and make full use of all its many features, but once you’ve grown accustomed to this chair, there’s no other chair that comes close. I haven’t yet found a chair that can match it in comfort, style, and sheer indulgence.

Many of us spend up to a third of a working day sitting in our office chair despite the fact that our bodies are not designed for it. We sit in bad chairs with bad posture and complain when we go home tired and in pain. Flokk is a company known for demanding high quality and providing excellence in an ethical, ergonomic and sustainable way. The Logic 400/300 is elegant, versatile, durable and adjusts to the perfect fit for almost any user. It is a chair that provides solutions instead of creating problems. The RH Logic is the perfect example of all the things a chair could be. Highly recommended.


Buy it from:Please contact [email protected] for information on your local dealer or a get a two-week trial here.

Price: £825+  (accessories, fabric, and retailer affects the price)


Capacity: 21 Stone – 133kg maximum user weight
Back height: 51cm Logic 300, 62cm Logic 400
Lumbar height: 16-23.5 cm Logic 300, 19.5 – 27cm Logic 400(measurement from top of seat)
Seat Depth: 40 -46 cm
Seat Height: 41 – 53 cm
Seat Width: 46.5 cm
XL Seat: Width 48.5 cm, depth 51.5cm and seat slide 6 cm is also available.
Height of armrest above seat: 21.5 – 29.5 cm
Distance between armrests: 37.5 – 50.5 cm
Diameter of base: 66 cm
Castors: Carpet (soft) flooring is standard, options for hard floors also available
Optional extras: Adjustable lumbar support, adjustable neck rest, height, width and depth adjustable armrests
Weight: 21 kg
Colour: A wide selection of colour is available
Textile: fabric, vinyl or leather
Optimised for right-handed users
Environments: Office, also in an ESD-approved and/or clean room compliant versions.
Warranty: 10 years for < 9 hours/day use, 5 years for > 9 hours/day use
More information: RH Logic 400/300

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Flokk owns the Scandinavian brands HÅG, RBM and RH, and has over 650 employees working together to realize the company’s vision: “To make the world a better place to sit!” More information about the company here.

Flokk has a comprehensive environmental policy. All their products are manufactured based on their 5 principles of sustainability. The RH Logic 400/300 is constructed so that its components can be easily separated both for recycling (90% of its components are recyclable material) and to allow individual parts to be replaced, thereby prolonging the life of the chair. The foam used contain no CFC or HCFC and the standard fabrics do not contain any flame retardant chemicals. It holds a Greenguard certification.

 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on two and a half years of tinkering, testing and using the RH Logic 300 with lumbar support, neck and arm rests kindly provided by Flokk. This article was first published on 13 March 2015 and last updated on 15 September 2017.