There are two big gaming shows in the UK annually – the AAA EGX and the smaller indie focused Rezzed and Rezzed starts today for three days in Tobacco Docks, London. So what’s happening? Three things. Playable pre and newly released games, developer sessions and a GamesIndustry fair.rezzedlarge

The playable games are listed here and my quick calculation shows that there are over 100 in the main Indie section and around 30 in the smaller Leftfield. The show is usually PC dominated but there are a number of console games as well. Standout titles include Bloodbourne, Blizzards’ Heroes of the Storm and a number of the smaller indie games.

Developer sessions start today and standout sessions include a talk from Chet Faliszek of Valve on SteamVR and ArenaNet talking about the next Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns. All the Dev sessions will be streamed on Twitch and will be posted at some point to YouTube.  Note that in the past there has been quite a delay until they have been posted so if you are interested your best bet is the Twitch stream.

The GamesIndustry Fair will have exhibitions from several universities, the BAFTAs, will host a gamejam to make a game in a day and will also feature talks on careers and the gaming community.

At the time of writing tickets are available for Thursday or Friday ranging in price from £13 to £26. An app has also been published here which gives more information about the games and sessions, an interactive map and adds some social networking.




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