The Restwell Nevada Riser Recliner chair is made for a more mature audience. The riser functions support those who are struggling to get up from a sitting position as little or as much as is needed and the feet and back recline individually to any chosen degree through a 90 degree range for maximum user comfort. It is a comfortable yet supportive chair, available in green, gold, terracotta or cream with a leaf pattern textile finish.

Restwell Nevada chair in normal position and tilted



The footrest and backrest recline independently and electronically with the press of a button. The hand-held remote has four buttons – footrest rise, footrest recline (at the end of the footrest recline, the chair starts to tip upward for the riser function), backrest rise, backrest recline. The backrest in the most upright position is slightly reclined and from there can be reclined all the way to a flat lying position. The footrest folds away and when in use can be raised up to a 90 degree angle to provide a fully reclined position. Reclining is achieved by holding down one of the buttons until the chair reaches the desired position.


The riser function is helpful for anyone who struggles to get up from a seated position. Hold down the footrest rise button and the chair will begin to rise upwards as soon as the footrest is tucked in. It takes 45 seconds to move the footrest from fully extended to the chair in its maximum raised position and 15 seconds of those are the retracting the footrest.   


Dimensions: 101 – 110 cm (height), 83 – 86 cm (width)
Seat: 43 – 48 cm (height), 47 – 51 cm (width), 48 -54 cm (depth)
Capacity: Maximum user weight 147 kg (23 stone)
VAT free: VAT Free with disability exemption form
Battery: In-built fail-safe battery back-up system (Batteries not included)


Mains operated.

Controller held in hand



The chair is accessible for blind users as well as those with a visual impairment, photophobia (light sensitivity) and anyone with colour blindness.

The four buttons on the controller are identical, but set in four distinct locations, making it easy to memorize which button does what and even when forgetting, working systematically through four buttons is not a big deal. The icons are white text on black, high contrast for anyone with a visual impairment. The key that locks the remote is on the side and again, easy to find through touch. There is no use of colour or light.


It is accessible for deaf users as well as anyone with a hearing impairment or tinnitus. The electric motor does make a clearly audible hum when in use, but it is not particularly loud and should not be too difficult to tolerate for anyone with hyperacusis. I dislike using it extensively when I have a migraine attack with severe sound sensitivity, but it doesn’t prevent use because the duration is short and the sound level low. There are no beeps, alarms or alerts.

Input and Touch

The chair is operated with a handheld controller that is comfortable to hold and handle. The buttons are medium-sized and well-spaced and light pressure activates them. Users do need to be able to hold the button for up to 45 seconds, but even if it isn’t possible to do so continuously, the chair simply stops when the button is not pressed and it might take longer, but it’s possible to take as many breaks as needed to eventually get there.

The controller has a relatively long cable with an integrated hook, so it can be hung anywhere convenient near for the user. It naturally rests in the external side-pocket and is drop proof. I have dropped mine hundreds of times on hard floors and it doesn’t have a scratch on it.

Motion sickness and balance disorders

The motion of the chair is smooth and gradual. Most people with motion sickness should be okay using it.

Ease of Use

The chair is easy to use and install. It plugs into a mains socket and is controlled by the handheld controller with four buttons and a lock key.

Allergy Information

It is a textile chair and these are not recommended for anyone with a dust mite allergy and asthma who is attempting to minimize the amount of dust mites present in their home.

Product Information

Manufacturer: Restwell Chairs
Price: £549
Retailer: Amazon

Restwell Nevada chair fully reclined


The Restwell Nevada is a comfortable chair. It is sturdy with cushioned arms and a deep, supportive seat. It is an appealing choice for the elderly in particular who is struggling to get up without help. The back, head and neck support is superior to standard chairs, but I did find it inadequate with significant back and neck problems.

It takes about 2 minutes to get up utilizing the full features (and returning the chair to a resting position), which is fine for most people and standard for any riser-recliner chair, but it is less than ideal for anyone who need to be able to get up quickly. The time can be shortened by not returning the chair to the standard position in situations where time is of the essence. I have a daughter with urgent medical needs and even just the fifteen seconds it took to recline the footrest felt like too long a wait when she was experiencing extreme pain and required assistance.

It is a chair made for those with some reduced mobility and the attention to detail and high quality is obvious. It is durable, well-made and an excellent riser-recliner chair.