Remember Me is an action-stealth game which has received mixed but generally positive reviews praising the concept but being less sure about the execution. It has received critic scores somewhere between a five and a nine out of ten averaging out at around a 7/10. Metacritic scores from aggregate sites are between 68-75 out of 100 across different platforms and sites.

The game is set in 2084 in ‘Neo-Paris’ in a future where technological mind reading has created a surveillance state.  It revolves around a resistance movement and the playable character of Nilin trying to bring down the mega-corporation and work out what is real.

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Kevin VanOrd from GameSpot gave it a 7/10: “Remember Me’s brightest spark, however, is emitted when Nilin enters and manipulates someone’s memory in an effort to change their present state of mind. These sequences lead to a few of the game’s more impactful narrative events, though they’re best not analyzed too much, less the plot start to seem too nonsensical. More importantly, memory manipulation is Remember Me’s most well-developed gameplay concept.”

Cassandra Knaw from PC Gamer gave it a 68/100: “…can’t make up for the stiffness in Nilin’s movements or the floatiness of her blows. Remember Me’s combat may not be atrocious but it’s certainly not fun, especially when the game is fond of lobbing gimmicky fights at you…. The platforming sequences are slightly less aggravating – they’re just glowing ledges that tiresomely point you in the direction you need to go without any real need for player agency or ingenuity”

Tom Bramwell from Eurogamer gave it a 7/10: “Dontnod’s first game is a classic genre piece, then – third-person traversal, fisticuffs and cut-scenes – ploughing the path made particularly famous in recent years by Naughty Dog, and for the most part it presents a world of rare coherency and surprising depth in a field better known for gunfights, tech demos and McGuffins. However, the developers never quite square the combat away with their beautiful world and interesting characters, which only rarely assume the kind of tactility for which their depth and consideration is crying out.”

Remember Me is now available in the UK and Europe for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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