If you live in the UK and are long term disabled the chances are that you will at some point have heard of or used the services of the charity Remap.  Remap describes itself as the charity that makes things possible for people with disabilities and that is a pretty good description.

Remap runs a nationwide network of volunteers organised into 80 local panels.  Once one of these panels gets a referral from their head office or a local OT then they visit you.  Instead of a healthcare professional of some sort Remap’s volunteers have a technical background of some sort – engineers, craftspeople, builders and makers.    These volunteers help to produce devices and solutions for problems that are not usually available commercially.  There example pages run from walking aid extensions for the very tall, motorised pushchairs for disabled mums, trolleys to cook with or almost anything else that needs a unusual solution.

In addition to offering these services they have an online wiki where they call the Remapdia where they record projects solutions they’ve found to particular problems.  Its designed for one local panel to help another but if you are (or have access to) someone who is crafty it can be a good resource.

If you want to contact Remap they have a map and postcode search here showing where they are based with individual contact details for local panels.  If you are in England there is a good chance there is a panel nearby, unfortunately if you are in Scotland or Northern Ireland you are probably out of luck as there is only one panel in each country.  Alternatively your OT can probably put you in contact or you can contract the Remap head office.

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