If you’re looking to make changes to your lifestyle and want to feel better in general one of the easiest things to look at is you sleep. It’s fairly incontrovertible that better sleep will lead to more energy and better days but how to achieve that? The simplest way is to get a better bedroom environment – a better bed, a quieter room and crucially a darker one.

There are two aspects to this – inside lights and outside. Inside lights are everything from the LEDs on chargers to how you use your devices before you sleep. LED’s are simple enough to deal with – move them out of the bedroom where you can or cover them up where you can’t. Devices can be dealt with via a combination of apps like Twilight and willpower to avoid them just before bed.  So that leave outside light.

The trend has seemed to be towards thinner and lighter curtains but if you want to keep your current curtains there is a way to upgrade them – a lining. The Rejuvopedic Blackout Thermal Ivory Lining is exactly what it sounds like – a lining that you add to the back of your curtains that blocks light and adds extra thermal insulation. It’s sold from a 137cm wide roll in 1-metre increments and we’ve found that this width is the perfect for a standard suburban curtain so you need to order for the vertical height of your window multiplied by the number of curtains.

Attaching the lining takes a small amount of skill but only a small amount. Lie the curtain on the ground with the back facing up and cut the lining to the correct length to go from around an inch from the top to an inch from the bottom and clip it into place. The simplest way to attach it permanently is with Hemming tape which can be had for around £3 for 20 metres. Cut it to length and put it between both pieces of cloth and then use a very lightly warmed iron on the back of the lining and it melts in place to hold the lining on.

Product Information

Retailer: Amazon +:

Price: ± between £3.00 and £5.00
Paid extras: Iron on hemming tape
Delivery costs: Free Delivery


The lining is essentially a cotton cloth with an impermeable plastic skin. By itself, it is very plain and while you could use it as a curtain as it would be rather boring (and difficult to work). As a backing it presents a neutral cream shade if you’re looking in from the outside and from the inside is only visible in its effects.

The backing blocks light but also blocks heat which means you stay a little cooler in the summer and a little warmer in the winter which can cut your air conditioning and heating bills.

  • Indoor use only, will not withstand inclement weather
  • Special considerations: chronic illness related –  hurt/help with nausea, migraine, pain, fatigue, acid-reflux


At a cost of £3 a metre (plus hemming tape) a normal bedroom window would cost around £10 to blackout. Blackout curtains cost much more than ‘standard’ so this would represent a decent saving if you’re willing to put the time in build them.


Product dimensions: 54″ or 137cm width
Blackout lining sold per metre.
Colour: Ivory
Adds body and drape to the curtains.

blackout curtainsRequirements

A little time, a minimal amount of dexterity and an iron to attach to the curtains.


The blackout thermal lining is well made and does exactly what it claims – blocks the light and keeps you a little warmer or cooler. If you’ve problems sleeping or have particularly thin curtains and are just a little crafty it’s a great addition. Recommended.

The review is based on 3m of Blackout Thermal Ivory Lining. Read more about Ergohacks’ eco and access used in reviews. This article was first published on 7th August 2016.