Reddit is one of those places that to the uninitiated seems very confusing and hard to work out what the point of it is but once people figure it out tend to make very firm converts of them.   In many ways Reddit is the spiritual successor of forums and as such has the bad with the good.  Anyone can start a sub-reddit and if enough people are interested it can quickly turn into a vibrant community. If you are interested in accessible gaming or gaming with a disability the site now has one more big hook – the sub-reddit r/disabledgamers.


r/disabledgamers was formed a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to get on a featured list of new Reddits.  As a result at the time of writing it has over 750 subscribers and seems to be settling down at a few new posts a day.  Some of the posts so far have included things like  “Will a Sip/Puff joystick/mouse be fast enough for FPS games?” and “What onscreen keyboard options are available”.  If this carries on it could develop into a very useful resource and worth looking at even for Reddit newbies.

r/disabledgamers is at

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