Anyone who follows Ergohacks or knows me personally will know that I’m a big long time fan of podcasts. I started listening on an iPod Nano to Buzz Out Loud in 2006 and one of the voices I listened to was Tom Merritt. Tom has spent the last 10 years making a career talking about tech and today I’m recommending his current project – DTNS or the Daily Tech News Show.

DTNS gives you exactly what it says on the tin. A Daily Tech News Show. Tom and a different regular co-contributor every weekday spend a few minutes running down the headlines and then pick a topic or theme of the day to discuss. The show rounds off with a listener recommendation and feedback from earlier shows. In total it usually runs for about half an hour but can go up to about forty-five minutes.

DTNS focuses on their audio show and is available through all podcast apps but if you want it there is an unofficial video version. It is also available to watch live at AlphaGeek Radio, has a sub-Reddit and a IRC chat room if you want to get really involved.

Even if you are not interested in keeping that up to date on tech news the show is interesting because of its funding and the community. Merritt has spent years building up this community and when his previous job’s circumstances changed he went independent using the newly formed Patreon band is now entirely directly audience funded. If you are interested in keeping up with Tech DTNS is a great starting point.