Have you ever finished reading a book or watching a TV series and wished that something had happened differently?  Or that the story had just carried on and we had learnt more?  The chances are that many people had the same thought and some felt passionate about it to go and do something about it  – writing, drawing or shooting more content in the fictional universe or fandom.  This is called fanfiction, fanfic or fic and is available in huge quantities online.


So where can you find it?  There are a large number of small universe specific sites and if your interest is just in one universe a Google search will turn them up but if you like multiple universes


Fanfiction.net is the elephant in the room when it comes to fanfic – huge and impossible to ignore.  The site was the first really big online fanfic repository and does not have the worlds most accessible style or interface but it has size going for it. It is hard to get figures on the number of works on the site but if you use Google you can see the site has almost 10 million individual pages.

An Archive of Our Own

Archive of our own was setup by fanfic writers in response to some of fanfiction.net’s more restrictive policies and has a modern and well designed look with great readability and search options.  It has a particularly wide-spread of fandoms with over 12,000 distinct fandoms and around 750,000 stories.


WattPad is a large repository for online fiction in general and has a large section specifically for fanfic.  It is popular on mobile devices because of its well designed Android and iOS apps.  It has over 2,755,000 fanfic stories and a strong element of real person fanfic.


Lest you think that fanfic is only written deviantART is primarily a site for artists to upload their work, although they do have a surprising amount of written work as well.  The site has over 250 million pieces of art and a very involved community.

There is a huge amount of fic available online and the quality varies between the abysmal and the excellent with every level in-between.  If you do not mind searching through the dross for the pearls is can be a great way to relax and read and for the dedicated fan to connect with their favourite universe.

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