Wristband health tracking systems have become come quite popular over the last year or so among a certain health community and there has been a lot of hype about smart watches.  Razer has stepped into a new market and has tried to meld the two together with a wrist band with notifications.

The Nabu is marketed as having three main functions. It displays notifications on two small screens, it is a fitness and exercise tracker and it interacts with other Nabu’s as a social device.  None of these functions are particularly new but having them all together in one package is interesting.

The hardware looks very much like a Fitbit and charges off a USB port with a 7-10 day long single charge.  The Nabu has two screens, one small public one on the outside of the wrist and a private one on the inside.  The idea is the public screen would display icons that are safe such as a DM icon and the inner screen would show the full message.  The Nabu can be controlled by gestures – for example a handshake could transfer your contact details to another Nabu user.

There are to be iOS and Android apps to control and manage the data using Bluetooth LE. Razer is taking the unusual but sensible step of selling to developers first in the next few months for the price of $49. The public release date is not yet available but is expected to be around halfway through the year and unfortunatly at a higher price.

The idea of a smartwatch or band seems to be one whose time has come and Razer stand a good chance with the Nabu by providing relatively simple hardware which developers can write to.  The key comes down its price – if the production version is near that developer cost of $49 or £30 then this could be a winner, if it is significantly more expensive it will probably be dead on arrival.

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