Rackety’s adaptive clothing is a UK supplier of clothing that meets additional requirements, like being a wheelchair user, incontinence and behavioural challenges like removing clothing inappropriately. Clothing are designed to save time when getting dressed, be comfortable and fit in with general trends and styles.

swimsuit feature

Popper vests and bibs for older children up to 14 years are available, back-fastening clothing and my personal favourite, a front fastening swimsuit with short legs. It has a tag on the zip that makes it easy to unfasten, the sports back makes it easier to take off when wet and the short legs could allow for a nappy if needed. It’s currently only £1 in the store.

There is a £1 deal section and a back-of-the-rack discount page, both with some excellent bargains. I purchased the swimsuit and it is well-made, exactly as described and seen in images and arrived promptly.

Rackety’s is a small company with a selection of items not readily stocked in supermarkets and high street clothing stores and well worth a look.

Rackety’s: Disabled Clothing and Accessories