As you have more and more physical disabilities controlling computers controlling computers and in particular consoles becomes more and more difficult and controlling consoles is even more complicated.  There have been many attempts to provide a solution over the years but most have have been either one offs or are optimised for a particular system or game.  The QuadStick aims to fix these problems.

The QuadStick is a fairly complex piece of machinery that comprises a joystick, for sip-and-puff sensors, a lip sensor and  a push switch.  These are all hooked into an onboard processor which uses USB or bluetooth to communicate with the main computer.  The controller will work out of the box with PCs, Android devices (some of them anyway) and PS3s and with the use of a Chronos device should work with the Xbox One and 360.  It is also designed to be paired with a microphone and voice control software on the PC to provide extra controls and flexibility.


The sensors and switches can have multiple configurable profiles which can be dynamically switched in use.  For example you could setup one profile for normal moving and combat and another profile for your crafting screens.  The Quadstick ships with several preconfigured setups but you can easily add your own using Google Drive.  The makers have taken the interesting and very positive step of posting the manual on-line already here which goes into large amounts of detail on both the physical design and the software changes possible.

At the time of writing the kickstarter had hit $23,455 well over its $10,000 goal with the $399 basic model still being available ($50 for ship outside the US).

QuadStick Kickstarter

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