Pushbullet: An easy way to get stuff to your phone

If you have an smart phone and use a PC you will often find yourself shifting back and forth between systems and while things have improved (particularly sharing in Chrome) it can still be difficult to get information, links and files on and off your phone.

Pushbullet lets you pass links, pictures, checklists, notes and reminders, files and addresses from the desktop to the phone and vice versa easily.  Install a Chrome or Firefox extension and the app on your android phone and sign into both using Google and you can start passing things back and forth.  The next layer of usefulness is that you can send to friends as well – you have always been able to send files and links via instant messaging services, but this works far better than most.

Finally it gives notification mirroring to your phone.  This means that anything that you get as a notification on your phone such as Google Now cards, travel info or app information can also pop up on your screen even if Chrome or Firefox is not running.

It is one of those services that sounds simple turns out to be wonderfully useful both at passing links back and forth between your phone and computer and at passing links and files to friends.  Recommended.


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