Project Spark has been quietly ticking over and developing at Microsoft for a couple of years and has finally exited beta. Project Spark is an interactive environment that lets you develop your own games or play games that have been developed by others.  It sounds like a relatively simple idea but implementing it in a straightforward way was not that simple.  Microsoft claims they’ve gotten it right and if the beta stats are anything to go by – over a million testers creating over 700,000 games and levels then its worth looking at.

Project Spark can be taken as a game development and modification platform or if you are uninterested in this can be taken just as a place to find games.  The majority of games and levels available seem to be minigames but there are some far more substantive games in here as well.  All games are automatically playable with the Xbox One controller hooked up to the PC and most can use mouse/keyboard combinations.

Project Spark is available now on Xbox One and PC (Windows 8.1 only) as a free download.  It is also available as starter pack for $39.99 that includes ingame currency and tokens.

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