Podcast Gallery: a new web way to organise and view podcasts

Like many people I’m an avid listener to podcasts and find it an efficient and relaxing way to keep up with gaming and tech news. I am always interested in finding new podcasts or new ways to listen to them. Podcast Gallery is a new web interface which allows you to watch and listen to specific curated audio and video podcasts or load them to Dropbox or Google Drive.


It is very clearly a new effort and there are a number of improvements that still need to be made, most specifically new notifications and automatic downloads, but it suggests itself for several things:

  • Taking backups of episodes that you really enjoyed or need to keep for reference by downloading them to your Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • It is great if you want to watch or listen to most of your podcasts while at your PC. It also uses HTML5 not flash and hence works on most tablets.
  • The ability to export a list of all of your subscribed podcasts as a standard OPML file means if you prefer another podcatcher on a mobile device you could select and try out your podcasts on a big screen and then transfer your selections to the smaller mobile screen.

The site is aimed towards the desktop and as such there is no mobile app, but it shows up well on a mobile browser so if you have good connectivity and no data caps this may work in a pinch.

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